We offer flexible service agreements customized to meet your needs. Independent Repair Service provides the highest levels of service coupled with the fastest response time, all at a reasonable price. If you are looking for nuclear camera repair, sales or maintenance, then Independent Repair Service is your company. Contact our office today!

We beat our competitors' prices!


Independent Repair Service, is a provider of Nuclear Medicine equipment and service, located in North Haven, CT.  We offer comprehensive nuclear camera repair, sales and preventive maintenance services throughout Connecticut and the United States. Our experience nuclear camera engineers are experts with problem identification and resolution. We off superior quality, guaranteed uptime, better images, all at affordable pricing. We service a wide range of single and dual head gamma cameras. We specialize in repair and service of Adac, Philips, Picker, GE, Siemens and several other major manufacturers' equipment. Our field service engineers have over 75 years, combined experience and are qualified in repairing and refurbishing all types and models of equipment. We take the extra step to insure your nuclear medicine systems are reliable and running as efficient as possible.

Service provided throughout the Northeast and the United States
Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements
Qualified, Certified Service Engineers
Assistance in Site Planning for New Imaging Centers
System Upgrade or Nuclear Camera Replacement Recommendations
De-Installations, Installation and Relocation Services
Hard Drive Backup and Restoration
Extensive Parts Supply

Independent Repair Service has a fully professional staff of  highly qualified, trained field engineers who are ready to meet your needs and applications. Whether it's to supply you with technical support, answer application questions, repair an imaging system or design and install a local area computer network for your department, our key personnel has the knowledge and proven experience to get the job done. Independent Repair Service is committed, 24/7, to suppling the Nuclear Medicine community with the highest quality product and services available. 

Independent Repair Service is committed, 24/7, to suppling the Nuclear Medicine community with the highest quality product and services available.

You can contact our Senior Field Engineers at:

We understand that your ability to provide the highest quality diagnostic information, in a timely manner, is always your primary objective. At Independent Repair Service we work diligently to provide maximum 'uptime'. 

Here at Independent Repair Service we offer:

Full Service Agreement:  including crystal(s) with typical on-site response time 4 hours or less (phone call within the hour.)

Preventive Maintenance Only Agreement with reduce labor rates outside of PMs.

Time and Material Service: work done on an as needed basis.

Nuclear System Moves: Independent Repair Service has experienced riggers with all the equipment needed for the toughest jobs and a truck ready to serve all your needs. Independent Repair Service personnel will inspect your system before de-installation and guarantee it will be in the same condition upon re-installation. If inspection of the Nuclear System uncovers any problems, Independent Repair Service will be prepared to repair it at a reasonable cost to you.

Computer Support:  We have extensive networking experience and can work with your IT group to solve difficulties. We can integrate your Nuclear Imaging Lab into most PAC systems. We supply Hard Drive Backup for immediate restoration, in case of hard drive failure, so you have no more painful rebuilds.

Refurbished Camera Systems: With ever tightening budgets a new imaging system may not be an option. Independent Repair System offers fully refurbished imaging systems at affordable prices.

Independent Repair Service also offers full application support and ACR accrediation assistance.

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Independent Repair Service supplies you with all your Nuclear imaging needs. From refurbished imaging systems to hot labs, treadmills and field service.
Our professionally trained staff of service engineers solves problems quickly and efficiently. With a fully trained staff and local parts depot Independent Repair Service is the optimum solution for your service needs.

Dyna Camera 4 & 5
Digital Dyna Camera
Prism S and XP
Axis & Irix


Cardio MD
Cardio 60




We have established ourself as one of the leading developers of technology in our arena. We continue to push the boundaries by offering state-of-art technology and innovative products and services for the Nationwide market.  Independent Repair Service offers new, refurbished and system tested parts for most Nuclear imaging and hot lab equipment at  affordable pricing. We have a full line of product to fit your needs. You can contact us directly at our office: 203-234-0218 or contact of our field engineers who are ready to assist you with any parts or accessories your imaging environment needs.

Quality and Affordable Repair Service for all your Nuclear Imaging Needs
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ISO - Independent Service Organization

A company that specializes in the repair and maintenance of another companies equipment.

Why use an ISO like Independent Repair Service? We at Independent Repair Service strive to provide top quality service at the mose affordable price. We are flexible in order to meet your needs. We fully understand the value of having your equipment up and imaging properly running at 100%, all the time. We provide a personal touch by providing you with your engineer's cell phone number, allowing you to contact him at anytime. We try to diagnose your problem over the phone to a level that we know which parts to bring with us. Should we not arrive with the correct parts, most times we have them delivered to us the same day by another engineer. Independent Repair Service in most cases will not charge overtime. We understand that time is money and money is time. We will work with you and provide preventive maintenance and repairs after hours and even on weekends without overtime charges! Why use Independent Repair Service? The answer is simple: We are smaller than the OEM, so we try harder! We succeed and excel at what we do!


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"My nuclear imaging lab has had a full service agreement with I.R.S. for almost two years now. I am very happy with the service and support we have received. Our SPECT system is over ten years old and I.R.S.'s ability to supply service and especially parts in a timely manner has exceeded that of the manufacturer's service. I can say that we have greatly reduced our down time due to the flexibility of the service engineers. I have and will continue to recommend Independent Repair Service, Inc. to anybody!"

Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist